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Baseball Tournament Team Tryouts

We have set the dates and times for the 2015 Baseball Tournament Team tryouts in each of the divisions (Pinto 7 thru Bronco 11).  

Please click here for more details.  



Parent Work Day

A big thank you to all the families that pitched in to help with the yearly field maintenance day!  This year we have approximately 500 players registered, and all the hard work and support from the families is what makes this a great League.  Thank you!  


Parent Work Day 





1)  You will be receiving shortly an evaluation form for the 2014 baseball/softball season. We encourage you take a few minutes to share your thoughts, opinions, and feedback on the 2014 season. We try our best to get out and meet with many parents and learn how we can improve each program, but it’s impossible to take everyone’s temperature in that way. We hope to hear from you, so that we can continue to improve the player/family experience in LCBSA.

2)  With MANY, MANY “highlights” (and very few “incidents”), we are thrilled that hundreds of kids had a good time playing ball, learned some valuable life lessons, and made new friends! We believe that youth sports is an important element of community building, and we feel blessed to have such excellent families who come out and support each other!

3)  THANK YOU! It’s a little overwhelming to consider the aggregate effort of LCBSA volunteers. Thank you to the mom and dads who make up the LCBSA Board, who serve the excellent cast of league-level volunteers, who serve the tireless managers and coaches, who serve the players and their families. Every person is important and helpful, which makes LCBSA such a great community organization. We invite everyone to join LCBSA somewhere in the service line for the 2015 season – we need YOU!



Chip Peck
Tom Higa
Todd Reynolds





The participation in the tournament teams this year has been GREAT.  We had a tremendous increase in the number of kids that came out to participate compared to years past.  Case in point: the Mustang 10s had 42 kids try out. Last year: 27.  And they have an incredibly talented TWO teams.  In three divisions, we have two tournament teams.  Great support from all of you - thank you.  It's up to us, as willing parents, to help continue to put LC on the map in the baseball world, and your time and efforts are greatly appreciated!

We'll try to keep an updated collage of photos on the following pages:
  -  Baseball Photos
  -  Softball Photos

We now have a Tournament Team page, where team updates and photos will be posted.


Field Status
Batting Cage A - La Canada OPEN (5/23) 
Batting Cage B - La Canada OPEN (5/23) 
Batting Cage C - La Canada OPEN (5/23) 
Cornishon Field - La Canada OPEN (5/23) 
FIS Lower East - La Canada OPEN (5/23) 
FIS Lower West - La Canada OPEN (5/23) 
FIS Upper Field (YHE) - La Canada OPEN (5/23) 
FIS Upper Field (YHW) - La Canada OPEN (5/23) 
La Canada Elementary - La Canada OPEN (5/23) 
LCHS JV Field - La Canada OPEN (5/23) 
LCHS JV Left Field - La Canada OPEN (5/23) 
LCHS JV Right Field - La Canada OPEN (5/23) 
LCHS Varsity Field - La Canada OPEN (5/23) 
LDS - La Canada OPEN (5/23) 
Oak Grove JV - La Canada OPEN (5/23) 
Oak Grove Varsity - La Canada OPEN (5/23) 
Palm Crest Elementary - La Canada OPEN (5/23) 
Paradise Canyon PCY - La Canada OPEN (5/23) 
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